Thursday, 5 May 2016

Olde Hansa, Tallinn

Olde Hansa, Tallinn
Vana Turg 1, Kesklinna Linnaosa, Tallinn, Estonia
(+372) 627 9020

With its gothic spires and conical roofs, cosy beer halls and  vintage look bars, Tallinn is a beautiful Medieval city that should never be dismissed. 

Olde Hasna is the perfect place to dine to soak up the atmosphere of this city and indulge in a glutinous feast.  Set in a 15th century building in the old town. The restaurant recreates medieval times with waiters in period costume, candlelit tables and a historic Eastern European menu.

You can choose from a selection of Medieval Feasts or the a la Carte menu and a great selection of wines and beers.  The menu at a glance takes you back in time.

We dined here on Valentine’s Day - on entering the restaurant we were greeted by attentive staff who all spoke brilliant English.  The food was amazing; if you go for the feast make sure you have a very light lunch.  We have huge appetites and struggled with the final course but it was too delicious to decline.

The staff make this dining experience as they recreate the Medieval atmosphere and my boyfriend even had to complete the breaking of the bread ceremony with the waitress which was fun to watch.  We were also told if there were any dishes from the feast that we wanted more of we were allowed to request more free of charge.  We were tempted to ask for more of the starters but in hindsight we are glad we declined. 

What we ordered:
We chose the Town Councillors’ Game Feast which is;

First Course:   Juniper flavoured beef with horseradish sour cream & quail eggs
                        French royal poultry liver pate with lovely Onion jam
                        Andalusian salmon
                        Earl’s pickled cucumbers Livonian style
  London merchant’s saffron picles
  Berries of the Highly Blessed Olive Tree
  Spice merchants berry sauce, Herb-bread with nuts
  Rye bread with lard
  Castle’s fresh cheese

Main Course: Smoke-grilled salmon with nut sauce
The Honourable Cook Frederic’s game sausages made with Bear, Wild Boar & Elk
Grandmerchant von Hueck’s mild game pot
Grandmerchant von Wehren’s
Hunting company’s wonderful Rabbit roast
Wild Boar plate favoured by Earl von Uexkyll

Dessert:           Velvet delight of the nobility – Rose pudding savoury

The food and dining experience was fantastic, you could not fault it in anyway.

·         Excellent service
·         Wonderful ambience and surroundings
·         Quality ingredients
·         The staff recreate a Medieval theme throughout the meal.


Highly Recommend – a definite must when you visit the beautiful Tallinn.  If you don’t have time to dine at Olde Hansa I would definitely visit for a drink to soak up the atmosphere.

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